Opening Night Reception |
Logboat Brewing Co. | 5-7pm (Free & Open To Public)
Kickoff Concert | Rose Music Hall | Doors @ 8:30pm, Music @ 9:30pm (Free to HD Passholders | $5 General Admit)

Courtyard Concert |
Fretboard Coffee | 10am-11:45am (Free & Open To Public)
Music Videos Begin Screening at 11amMore info in the next section (Open to Artists, HD & SD Passholders, & Volunteers)
Shop Jockey with DJ Sunspots Maude Vintage | 2-3pm & 4-5pm: (Free & Open To Public)
Studio Artist Panel | Dogwood Artist Workspace | 2-3:30pm (Open to Artists, HD Passholders & Volunteers)
WineDown Happy Hour |
Top Ten Wines | 4-6pm (Free & Open To Public)
Cafe Artist Panel | Cafe Berlin | 6-8pm (Open to Artists, HD Passholders & Volunteers)
VIP Social Hour | The Social Room: Lounge | 8-9pm (Exclusive event for Artists & HD Passholders Only)
Closing Night Concert | Cafe Berlin | Doors at 8pm, Music at 9pm (Free for Artists, HD Passholders & Volunteers | $5 General Admission)
VidWest Dance Party!!! | The Social Room | 11pm (Free & Open To Public)



Local-ish (21:48 min)
Rose Music Hall | 11am, 1pm, 3pm
We bring you this program as a celebration of the many distinct and promising talents that Missouri has to offer. Revisit your childhood, join in on a great adventure and find yourself in a comedic heist. The diver styles of storytelling complement all walks of Missouri life. 

Slow Bliss (15:35 min)
ARTlandish Gallery | 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
Sit back, relax and surrender to a rush of stunning visuals. Methodically constructed and melodically woven together, these films allow your mind to unwind. Hyper-aware of rhythm, the aural dictates the visual and guides your senses in synchronous bliss. A perfect mix for a slow Saturday.

Layered (16:20 min)
Fretboard Coffee | 12pm, 2pm, 4pm
Leave the role of spectator and peer through the eyes of these artists. Mesmerizing sequences relay deeply personal struggles and passionate pleas. Become absorbed in intimate spaces and feel the weight of what is communi- cated by these invitations. Though each video carries a unique message, together, they create a sincere reflection of our times.
Includes adult themes and situations.

Mise-en-scene Dream (24:36 min)
Maude Vintage Clothing & Costumes | 1pm, 3pm, 5pm
Join us for a journey to mystical places. Unhinge your expectations as what you witness transcends the ordinary. Indulge in masterful set designs, costumes, makeup and lighting. These artists’ splendid visions will take you on a wild ride through landscapes familiar and foreign. Five tales. Five sagas. Each filled with betrayal, love, loneliness, loss and revenge. Come here to get strange.
Last video includes some adult language.

Love + War (15:34 min)
Hitt Records | 3pm, 5pm, 7pm
In lieu of dialogue as a narrative device, these filmmakers find a voice in movement and expression in dance. Cameras waltz in tandem with actors, actors with music, music with editors. Whether you’re head over heels or raw from a break-up, you’re sure to relate to these characters tangled in the utter chaos that is love and war.

Playmation (10:45 min)
The Social Room | 8pm
Not all animations are made for children. With no boundaries besides the four frames of the screen, plunge into worlds of devastation and creation.
Includes R-rated content.


VidWest Fest

June 1-2, 2018

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